Experience contemplation and relaxation on a hilltop cottage. Blissful and serene is Nishantam Westonal Cottage Mussoorie, an alternative long home stay. Ideally located at a 3 minutes walk from the Picture Palace Bus Stand and the famous Mall. Close and yet far away from the crowd & parking hassles of main Mussoorie.

Upon reaching your destination, as your vehicle heavily roars up the Westonal hill, it Drives-In to an awe inspiring view of the Dehra Doon valley, Mussoorie and far away Rishikesh Shivalik Himalayan ranges. Perched on its one acre private hilltop, the air is happy and relaxed at Westonal. The cottage preserves the essence of heritage with its original 150 years old stone mortar walls, wooden ceilings, red oxide flooring and unused fireplaces……..But this if at all you get indoors from the spectacular sit outs having the best view in Mussoorie.