Burgundy Suite

This 35 square metres suite in Westonal cottage comes with a generously sized bedroom with a king-sized bed, a kids room with a 6 x 4 feet bed named sunrise cell & a sitting room . The heritage perseverance is there in the red oxide flooring, wooden ceilings, stone walls, vintage fireplace.

Occupancy Details

Max Adults-3

Signature Feature

Size: XXL

Suite with a Sitting Room: (14 x 7)

Bedroom: (14 x 14)

Rooms: Sitting Room, 2 Bed Rooms, 2 Bathrooms

Second Room : (14 x 10)

2 Bathrooms: (10 x 8) & (7 x 6)

Other Conveniences

Iron and Ironing board: Yes

Wifi : Yes

TV: Yes

Locker: Yes

Floor: Original Red Oxide Vintage

Walls: Stone Mortar Thick Walls

Ceilings: Wooden

Fireplace: Not Being Used